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Facing the Elements
Chapter One: Kai and the Angel of Fire
I was caught up in a whirl of flame.
It was as a tornado, but made of fire, and not so violent. It didn't burn either. Instead, it was warm and welcoming, and I could feel power surging through me. From the corner of my vision I could see what looked like a crimson colored being, reminiscent of... Garmadon! Yet... he didn't look so sinister, and I could sense no evil intent.
"Kai..." the being said, in a deep, resounding voice.
"Who are you?" Kai asked.
"I am Flame Spinjitzu," the being replied. "And I am here to grant you that which you have sought."
Underneath his hood, Kai's brow furrowed. "Are you going to help me defeat Lord Garmadon?"
"Garmadon is no Lord,' the being responded. "He has no authority over Ninjago. There is One who is greater. Greater than even the ancients who split the land in two."
"Who? Will he help us?"
"Yes. I am the servant that he has sent."
Now Kai was confused. "Then, you will help us?" he asked uncertainly.
"Yes," the being answered. "I am here to give you strength, integrity, and a flame that will not expire, despite the fiercest wind or coldest night. However, once it is given, it is a gift that must be unlocked."
"Like a Chrismtas present?" Kai suggested.
The being laughed, a long, rich laugh which filled even Kai will merriment. "No. Not quite like a Christmas present," the being said. "It will be much more difficult to unwrap." As the being said this, his voice grew quieter and quiter, and the storm around Kai became calm.
He gently landed upon a patch of grass. He felt as if he had just awoken from a dream. What did it all mean?

Facing the Elements
Chapter Two: Inopportune Romance
It was a warm afternoon, in the middle of the Ninjago summer. The exotic flowers which dotted every dirt-laden mount and grass-filled crevice were in full bloom. The intensity of the sun, which had been so great in the early hours of the day, was now settling across the hilltops, casting a golden orange and reddish tinge across the landscape. The birds chirped merrily, and the grasshoppers had begun to sing their song. It was the perfect romantic setting for two young warriors – Jay and Nya. Albeit, the former was having a difficult time with it.
Although they had been on a date only a few short days ago, Jay was still as jittery as a coffee fiend. When he looked at Nya, his face flushed, and he quickly looked away. Any attempt at conversation seemed to end in utter failure as well, always with some kind of stuttering or the wrong choice of words. At least, this time, he wasn't wearing perfume.
"Say, Nya..." Jay began. "Do you think, maybe, I don't know, well..."
"Stop." Nya said sharply.
"Right, am I talk talking too much? I'm talking too much aren't I?"
Nya put a hand over Jay's mouth. "No," she whispered. "I think someone's watching us."
A couple of rose bustles rustled to their left, and Jay and Nya adapted their offensive poses.
"Ouch!" came from the bush.
"D-d-did that bush just talk?" Jay asked nervously.
Nya let down her guard and walked over. She carefully put an arm in, avoiding the thorns, and pulled out...

Note: I understand this isn't my best work. If I spent a lot of time polishing it, it could be much better. I'm just trying to get a feel for the story right now. =P
As very few people have viewed this topic anyways (lot of the views came from me, I think XD ), I may discontinue the story soon. We'll see. 

Facing the Elements
Chapter Three: Anon Encounter
Nya let down her guard and walked over. She carefully put an arm in, avoiding the thorns, and pulled out her her brother. "What are you doing here Kai?" she asked.
"Augh! Why do these bushes have to be so... sharp!" he exclaimed.
"That was you Kai?" Jay said, wearily eyeing the bush.
"No kidding! What'd you think I was? A hypnobrai?" Kai joked. "I came here to tell you about what I just saw! It was the strangest thing! It was a tornado made of fire, and, inside, this guy told me he was going to give us the power to defeat Garmadon! Or, actually, he was giving me the power to defeat Garmadon. And something about courage too. He sounded a lot like Sensei Wu, but a little like Garmadon too."
"Of course he gave you this power," Nya said, looking at him skeptically. "No one else would be worthy."
"But the green ninja... I mean, Lloyd, is supposed to defeat Garmadon!" Jay interjected, failing to notice the sarcasm in Nya's tone.
"Oh c'mon!" Kai said irritably, pulling thorns out of his arm. "You think I'm making this up?"
"Yeah, probably." Nya said.
"It wouldn't be the first!" chimed in Jay.
Kai turned around and began to grumble. "That's just great. I come looking for you guys, end up in a thorn bush, even..." Suddenly he stopped. "Nya? Jay?" he asked, disturbed by the sudden silence.
They were gone...

Jay and Nya were gone, and several Spinjitzu-like tornadoes were in their place. It was the same force which Kai had witnessed.
~ ~ ~
The tornado was as a deep red, not quite like fire. It was much richer, like the Samurai Mech.
"Okay, Kai, I believe you!" Nya shouted, although her voice was lost in the wind of fire. Suddenly, she was overcome with excitement. Will I get powers too? Nya thought. Will I finally get Spinjitzu?
A tremor interrupted her thoughts. It shook her entire being and spoke into her mind. "Nya..." it said.
Why couldn't this thing just communicate like a normal person?
"Because you would not have heard me otherwise," it responded to her. "My Master has spoken many times in your presence, as well as the other ninjas. Yet you were unaware. Now I deliver the message loud and clear."
"You're going to give us the power to defeat Garmadon, right?" Nya asked, recalling what Kai had told her.
"Much more than that," the voice answered. "You will be filled to the brim. You will travel the land, you will search, and you will find."
"What does that mean?" Nya demanded. "Who are you?"
"I am that which guides your sword. I am the Spinjitzu of Blades. I have come to you because you have sought wisdom, and have found some measure of it. Now, however, the truth will come to you. As you seek it, you will know it more than ever before."
"What about Jay?" she asked, curious as to his impartation.
"He will receive the Lightning which ruptures the ground," the voice responded. "Just as the sword pierces. So will he."
Authorial Note: Awww, they were meant for each other. Even their powers are alike. XD
It was then that Nya was released, next to a befuddled Jay.
Coming Soon: Casting Aside the Darkness

§ Facing the Elements [size=18]§
Exclusive Chapter #1: A Moment's Contemplation
Note: The Exclusive Chapters will converge with the main storyline at a certain point. Until then, however, it will focus mainly on Intrun and Jamanakai Village.
Atop a mountain Intrun sat, staring absent-mindedly at the snow covered grounds around his home in Jamanakai Village, which was only a dot in the distance. The wind ruffled his Light Gray XZ Suit, casting rivulets of air across the small streaks of white and sky blue fabric. His silver shoulder pads and XZ right arm armor glistened in the sun. His sword and crossbow sat at his side. The latter was a hand-crafted piece which had been passed down through the many generations of his family, since the times before Ninjago was split. Before Garmadon had become a plague upon the land... 
His sword was older still and held many secrets. Even its owner did not know the full extent of its power, for it had yet to manifest. 
"I guess I'll head back to town," he murmered. It had been another uneventful day. Intrun had been hoping that his journey to the mountain would bring some insight into his powers... and perhaps that of his sword's as well. But he had learned nothing. Nothing other than how cold it was at such heights. When would the time come?

※ Chapter 5: Ninjago's Other Half 
In the town of Valkzva the sky was a turbulent, chaotic mess. Rain trickled down as teardrops, from the darkened heavens, leaving black droplets upon the crags, cliffs, and crevices which served as the habitations of Valkzva's residents. It was terribly cold and desolate, and utterly, hopelessly melancholy.
The denizens of Valkzva were much like the terrain - dark, mysterious, and foreboding. They were creatures who scorned the light of day and relished the dark of night. They were the likes of the Overlord – the traiterous siblings of the whirlwinds of Blades, Fire, Lightning, Legend, and Snow. They were the other half to Ninjago.
"Brother. We grow weak," a raspy voice echoed from one hole.
"No... no!" the Overlord hissed. "We grow strong. The Ninja grow weak!"
"The Light is pouring in through the clouds," another groaned. "We can't stay here much longer."
"You suggest we abandon our home?" the Overlord growled. "Our territory? It is ours! None can have it but us!"
"Then we shall perish," concluded one who sat upon a crag.
"Stop! Stop it! We shall take all of Ninjago back. Then the light will fade away."
"But there is little–"
"Little time, little fiends!" the Overlord interrupted, with a hint of sarcasm. "Then we must go now. Now is the time to destroy the ninja.Now is time to take that which is theirs!"
The forces of darkness began to muster themselves.
"NOW!" the Overlord screamed. "We will not be beaten again."

※ Chapter 6: Fruition of Dreams 
It wasn’t until many months later that Jay, Kai, and Nya began to understand what the whirlwind beings had meant. For a time, they began to forget the whole ordeal. Until a series events began to unravel, and the ultimate battle between the Ninjago's was begun.
It began in Enahla.

The town of Enahla was the polar opposite of Valkzva, and its beauty was beyond compare in all of Ninjago. The cherry blossoms which bloomed along its routes greeted travelers and put smiles upon weary countenances. The grounds were a mix of coruscating gravel and fine dirt. The former consisted not of ordinary stones, but of beautifully smooth, tiger’s eye. The latter was rich and alive, conforming to the feet like a sponge. It was a tranquil place to say the least, and nigh impossible to describe what it was the most. 
What evil could be done here? thought Sensei Wu. What wickedness could find a foothold in such a place?
“THIEF!” A vendor shrieked. “Bring back my tomatoes! They’re award winning!”
Sensei Wu was downcast. Even here… even in such bliss! Depravity has found a way.
Suddenly a thought entered Wu’s mind, one that was not his own: depravity may have comebut so will hope!

※ Chapter 6: Fruition of Dreams 
A boy ran from the vicinity of the screams. He was laughing and clutching two ripe red tomatoes, clearly as worthy of a prize as had been contested. His eyes were wide and innocent, and he looked to the skies, as if searching for a dream. In his glee he was unaware of the ninja, and ran straight into the arms of Kai. The red ninja grunted as the wind was pushed from his lungs, but he maintained his hold of the young robber.
The young boy looked up at Kai in wonderment. “Travelers!” he exclaimed.
“No ordinary travelers,” Kai grunted in response. “You just ran into ninja.”
Lloyd approached the boy and took the tomatoes from his hands. The boy looked about the age he had been when he had stolen candy from Jamanakai Village. “Why did you take these?” he asked. “Can’t you ask your parents to buy you some?” Perhaps he was like the Lloyd-past, and without guardians to watch over him.
“I wanted to see the Samurai!” the boy said, squirming in Kai’s grip. “Not ninja! Samurai, help me!”
“Why would the Samurai help a thief?” Kai questioned angrily.
“Well… he wouldn’t!” the boy answered, slipping from Kai’s arms and somersaulting backwards. “He’d try to stop me. Then I’d get his autograph!” 
“You don’t think there’d be consequences for your actions?” Zane asked, his curiosity piqued.
The boy simply shrugged, smiled, then did a double backflip - catching the tomatoes from Lloyd’s hands. Then he began to run again. 

※ Chapter 6: Fruition of Dreams 
Before he had taken more than a dozen steps, however, the vendor, had him cornered off. The boy’s parents were standing at either side.
“Liam!” his mother said disapprovingly. “Give Mr. Freckles back his to-mahts!”
“No! No, no, no!” the boy cried despairingly. “Where’s the Samurai? I want the Samurai!”
Lloyd had an idea. He ran up to the boy, “Liam, I know the Samurai!”
Liam stopped his tantrum and unexpectedly dropped the tomatoes (which the appropriately freckled vendor snatched up, without two second’s passing). “You do? Can you oh-qaint me?” he asked. Taking advantage of the moment to try out a newly learned word.
“Yes, I can acquaint you.” Lloyd said. “But will you be good?”
“Yes, yes!” Liam answered.
“Really?” Lloyd questioned, with a raised brow.
“Yeeeeesssss!” Liam insisted. “I’m sorry for stealing! It was wrong. It was just to get to see the Samurai! I won’t steal again. I’ll follow the Code of Three!”
“Code of Three?” Cole asked, jumping in on the conversation.
“Yeah! I’m a member of the Enahla Knights at school.” Liam declared proudly. “I just… forgot about the code.”
“Okay.” Lloyd said, “We’ll show you the Samurai!”

Nya entered on cue, geared up. “Hi Liam!” she said.
“Samurai! I’m your biggest fan!” Liam exclaimed.
“And did my biggest fan steal tomatoes?” she asked.
“Yes. But I’ll never do it again. I’ll be like the Samurai. I’ll be a… Samurai Knight!”
The ninja laughed and Nya chuckled. It was a joyous moment for all. Liam’s parents forgave him. And although Mr. Freckles was hesitant, he too forgave and became fond of Liam, who would visit him each day with a giant, contagious smile, and help him pick tomatoes after school.
Sensei Wu looked up to the sky and saw his own dream. A world where there was no stealing, no wicked intent. A world without evil. Beyond the clouds Wu saw hope.

※ Chapter 6: Fruition of Dreams 
Before the ninja departed from Enahla, Nya decided to say good-bye to Liam. It was then that they learned of another Samurai.
As they turned to leave, Liam shouted after Nya,  “I like your new color, by the way!” 
“New color?” she asked with a perplexed expression. “But I’ve always had red.”
“That’s not true!” Liam argued. “Everyone talks about the blue Samurai!”
Nya turned to the other Ninja for guidance. “What could this mean?” she asked.
“Another Samurai?” Jay suggested.
“But how…” Nya began.
“Then you’re not Samurai Y?” Liam interrupted.
Nya shook her head. “Samurai Y? No, I’m Samurai X.”
Liam was ecstatic. “Then there’s two Samurai!” he exclaimed.
“And they’re like algebraic equations!” Zane added.
“But where is Samurai Y from?” Nya asked.
Liam relished the opportunity to test his trivia. “That’s easy! He’s from Jamanakai Village!” 
“Then we should go there,” determined Kai.
“Another Samurai would be a great addition to the team!” Cole said, and then added with a smile: “And maybe another earth ninja too.”
“And a fire ninja,” Kai said.
“Yeah… another Samurai would be great. But there’s only Samurai in my book.” Jay said, looking at Nya dreamily.
“And another robot ninja!” Zane said, picking up from Kai. “Or a ninja of ice. Or another element we haven’t discovered!”
Sensei Wu nodded. “Then it’s decided. We must go to Jamanakai Village.”

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
City of Kåsaria : 18:05 NST
Kåsaria’s storyteller, Jean, was a man of about seventy years. His wizened countenance told of a very involved life. It was rumored he was the father of Chase McCain. In recent years, however, he was known only by his stories, which he dutifully told night after night. His wife, Eleanor, with sparkling eyes and a lively disposition, often accompanied his stories with the tranquil notes of a violin. Tonight, a fair crowd had gathered around their fire. Hundreds of people had arrived in time to hear of The Shadow, the legendary ninja of Kåsaria.
“Her very bearing is a paradox.” Began Jean, simultaneously stoking a fire, and sending sparks into the dimming sky. “She treads in the shadows, clad in pure white armor and armed with a brightly shining sword, and yet she remains perfectly invisible to her enemies.”
Young children listened to the story in veneration, occasionally sharing by whisper the rumors of the town.
“Did you hear about what The Shadow did last week?” one girl said excitedly to a friend. “There were some Skeletons, and...”
“Shhh!” her friend warned. “Jean is starting again!”
The former companion hushed as instructed, and waited for the storyteller to continue.
“From where she comes is unknown to all but a few. The police track her movements – some frustrated with her vigilantism, others in hope for a new recruit. Yet all in vain. She leaves not a vapor, not an utterance, no prints... not a trace of her presence in the wake of her deeds, and all of Kåsaria looks on with wondering eyes and aspirations, desiring for but a glimpse of her fair fabrics, or the reflection of her sword.”
A sibilant voice sounded in the audience, and Jean looked up from the fire to observe a singular form retreating from the site. 
They’re none too happy, Jean thought.

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
The withdrawing figure was none other than a Hypnobrai, one of the many who had scattered after the defeat of the Great Devourer. His name was Thralz, once a feared general, now degraded to a convict. “Fair fabricsss,” he hissed. “Sssuch… sssiliness!”
Thralz slithered down a back alley and into a fusty hollow, born of fallen bricks and cement. Therein awaited his new army, three dozen skeletons who had once pledged their loyalty to Garmadon, now lackeys for a snake. One dozen were skilled technicians who Thralz tasked with the construction of a monolithic machine, to be used in their latest venture. The remainder were armed to the bone with swords, shields, and bows, primed for a confrontation with The Shadow.
“Is it ready yet?” Thralz inquired of his head engineer.
The skeleton balanced a blowtorch in his knobbly hands, “Almost, your sliminess.”
Thralz throat vibrated in what resembled a growl. His triangular, yellow eyes with red circulations, clarified the malevolence of his intentions.
The skeleton twitched. “Your… snakiness?”
Anon, an attempted growl. “Jussst tell me how far along it isss!” Thralz ordered.
“Yesss-, I mean, yes sir!” the engineer fumbled. “It is almost complete. If anything goes wrong, we’ll be able to send it in.”
“Good, very good.” Thralz said, satisfied. “Baroan!”
“Yes sir!” answered the Skeleton commander.
“Isss the drill ready?”
“Yes sir! We’re ready to head out.”
“Very well!” Thralz said. “Then let’sss get rich!”

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
Bartlebee stamped a deposit sheet and wrote out a small statement. It was another tedious night at the bank. Albeit, it was a step up from the trashcan company, and he was grateful for it. Bur O Crat had left him to lock up for the night and reminded him to check the basement vault before he left. In but a few minutes, Bartlebee would be home free! He secured the deposit and grabbed his access card for the vault. He stood and began to walk towards the stairwell when the building began to violently rumble and shake.
“Earthquake!” Bartlebee squeaked, and jumped under his desk to hide. Not the smartest move, to be sure. But at least the desk was securely fit to the ground.

∑ ∑ ∑

In the lower levels of the bank, Baroan’s drill was at work, plowing through the barriers set against the vault. In two minutes, they were inside, greeted by piles upon piles of gold, and deposit boxes with likely even more treasures inside.
“Start bagging it all, gentlemen skulls!” Thralz said gleefully. “Before that Bot-oh-bees fellow comes down!”
∑ ∑ ∑
Bartlebee peaked out from under his desk and saw the place was all in shambles – papers everywhere! He immediately set to work picking them up, unaware of the villainy at work in the vaults.
∑ ∑ ∑
“There’s a secret room, Thralz!” shouted a skeleton. “And it has even more gold. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds too!”
“Well, get in there!” Thralz said. “We’ll take every bit we can get.”
A few skeletons rushed to the entrance of the room and began to pound on the concealed door with their swords and shields. Dent after dent brought them closer to their goal until it finally came crashing down with a resounding clang. One skeleton, more eager than the rest, was the first to rush in. As he bent down to pick up a brick of gold, however, he suddenly disappeared.

※ Chapter 7 
Baroan had been watching from afar, and his jaw dropped in fear. “W-where’d he go?”
“Security system?” an engineer suggested.
Baroan grit his teeth. “The group of you by the door! Head inside and investigate. And keep your shields up! I want a couple archers to follow them. Shoot anything that seems out of place.”
“Just don’t break the diamonds!” Thralz added.
The troop entered cautiously, in formation, until they arrived at the point where their comrade had vanished. Nothing. They split up and moved outward towards the farther reaches of the room, an archer accompanying each swordsman. The first team reached a pile of diamonds when a shadow was suddenly cast over them. The swordsman screamed before he was taken away. The archer let loose a quiver of arrows, targeting a blur which moved through the dark portions of the room. One arrow seemed to have made contact… but it fell to the floor, split in two. The archer looked around nervously. He saw the glint of a sword in one corner, then he too was gone.
“Get back together!” one skeleton yelled. “It can’t take us then!”
The skeletons ran to the center of room at once. Most of them made it. Three, however, were lost in transit.
Baroan and Thralz rushed to the room, each with their own pack of swordsman and archers. They arrived in time to see the blur in action. This time, however, the skeletons weren’t being taken away. Two swordsman were thrown against a wall, their shields chopped up like orange slices. Another collided with a pile of gold, his sword bent and twisted. The archers were a flutter of bones and arrows, each attempting to hit their target, but knocking each over instead. The remaining swordsman fell back, and joined Baroan’s group at the entrance.
“What isss thisss thing?” Thralz demanded. “Everyone… move back! We’re calling it in.”

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
“You don’t mean you’re actually going to use it?” Baroan said. “We don’t even know what’s fighting against us! It could be a simple…”
“What? Another security measure?” Thralz snapped. “No! This is the likes of a ninja. The Shadow has come to stop us. Now call it in!”
“Yes sir,” Baroan relented, drawing out a com unit. “Send in the project.”
“Perfect timing,” responded the head engineer. “We’ve just finished it. It’ll be there shortly.”
Seconds later, the ground began to rumble again.
∑ ∑ ∑
Bartlebee wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. “All done,” he said with a puff. Then he noticed the deposit underneath his desk. “No. One more,” he groaned, bending down to pick it up.
As he put away the last paper, the ground began to shake. “No, not another quake!” Bartlebee cried, diving this time into a trash can.
∑ ∑ ∑
The floor of the vault vibrated with greater intensity than before, until it ruptured in its center, creating an enormous cavity (fortunately, there weren’t any precious metals nearby). 
“Get out of the way!” Thralz said. “Or you’ll be nothing but bone dust!”
A colossal machine emerged from the hole and drove its way through the secret vault’s door, tearing down the entire wall. The blur which had terrorized the skeletons materialized to reveal The Shadow, as Thralz had predicted, and as Jean had described. The ninja held their katana forward, ready to strike the oncoming foe. The machine, too, stopped its movement and revealed its form: a robotic incarnation of The Great Devourer!

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
The Shadow’s pupils dilated, but otherwise, the ninja remained composed. “I wasn’t expecting that, Thralz,” the ninja said, betraying female vocals.
“You’re Nya, aren’t you?” Thralz guessed. “You’re even stronger than I’d heard!”
“I’m surprised you’ve learned of the Samurai’s identity,” The Shadow responded. “But no, I’m not her.”
“Regardless of your identity, I suppose it won’t matter in the end,” Thralz confidently declared. “Great Devourer, eliminate her! And leave not a trace. We don’t want to ruin her reputation!”
The Great Devourer robot did as instructed, propelling itself forward with astounding speed for its size, jaws outstretched to consume.
The Shadow dashed to the side, avoiding what could’ve been a fatal chomp. Instead of her, the Great Devourer received a mouthful of gold.
 “No, not my preciousss!” Thralz squalled.
The Great Devourer, however, was not so quick to be bested, and it curled around and made another charge. The Shadow jumped from a cluster of diamonds to a greater pile of emeralds, and then to an even larger mass of Sapphires – twas’ a royal staircase. From such a height she could grasp the rafters and pull herself up. The Great Devourer followed her, yet without such grace. It sifted through the gems, crushing the delicate ones under its weight.
Thralz went bug-eyed. “Noooooooo! No, no, no!”
Baroan set a few spindly appendages on the snake’s shoulder, in an effort to comfort him. “Sir, we should be able to compact them together.”
“Really?” Thralz was suddenly very jubilant. “Then crush anything in your path Great Devourer!”

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
The Shadow leaped from beam to beam, formulating a plan as she went. The Great Devourer was too swift to stop… but perhaps that could be used against it? The Shadow jumped from her current beam onto another pile of gems, and made her way back down to the floor. The Great Devourer continued to speed down the length of the room, collapsing pile after pile of treasure, and row after row of deposit boxes.
“Well, that’ll make them easier to open,” Thralz noted.
The Great Devourer was only seconds away from The Shadow. Even as it came closer still, she stood her ground, providing a clear target. At the last possible moment, she dodged to the side, planted her feet firmly on the ground, and held out her sword, which bad off the Great Devourer's outer coating as it moved by, revealing the circuitry beneath. 
Not just yet, she thought. 
The Shadow moved to the side once again as the Great Devourer undertook another bite of gold, repeating the process with her sword.
“What is she doing?” Thralz wondered. “Does she think removing its skin will embarrass it? Send it crying home in oily tears?”

The Shadow found what she was looking for, just as the Great Devourer changed direction for a third time. She had uncovered the main circuit board. As the Great Devourer came round, she jumped up and slashed away at her target, casting sparks across the floor. Then she flipped midair, rolled, and dropped into the cover of darkness.
The Great Devourer continued on for a moment then abruptly halted and caught aflame.

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
Baroan’s communicator crackled, “Move to cover, wherever you are!” the head engineer urged. “I’m reading critical status here. The robot is gonna explode!”Baroan pushed Thralz towards the driller, and motioned for the other skeletons to follow. The driller’s thick metal exterior would be able to protect them from flying parts. The same could not be said for The Shadow, however, who was very vulnerable. For all her agility, she would likely perish in the wake of what’d she done.
∑ ∑ ∑
Bartlebee laughed maniacally, finished with his handiwork. Each and every paper was taped and stowed, and the office supplies were locked in cabinets.
“Never again!” Bartlebee roared triumphantly. 
Just in time, the ground began to rumble. Bartlebee moved beneath his desk, but this time with a smile on his face. “You’re not going to ruin it again, nature!” he taunted.
The Great Devourer’s head was rocketed upwards and tore through the floor of the office, knocking over the file cabinets and spilling out all the office supplies. Then a great push of wind pulled the papers, tape and all, up from their positions. When it all settled, the office was even more of a mess than before.
Bartlebee pounded the ground in a tantrum, face red as a cherry tomato.’
∑ ∑ ∑
The Shadow emerged from the darkness unharmed, and dashed towards the driller.
“Start it up! Get us going!” Thralz said.
“It has to warm up first,” Baroan said.
The Shadow dug her sword into the door of the driller and jimmied it open. “You’ll be much easier than the robot,” she said, smiling under her ninja mask.
Thralz attempted to use his hypnotic eyes but The Shadow quickly put a cloth mask over his head. Now he even looked the part of a robber!

※ Chapter 7: The Shadow of Light 
The police arrived at the bank an hour later, after Bartlebee had finally cleaned up the office, called in a repair crew to fix the floor, then, last of all, checked the vault.
“You’d think he would’ve checked that first, considering the giant robot head which had just come from there,” the police report would read later.
Bartlebee opened the vault door to discover a Hypnobrai and his full crew of Skeletons, including the head engineer and those that had disappeared, bound in metal chords, in the shape of a bow. “Merry Chrissstmasss,” Thralz said sourly, beneath his mask.
Chase McCain arrived on the scene and interrogated the criminals, learning of The Shadow. Once again, however, there was no trace of her involvement, aside from the testimonies. 
“I guess my dad was right, Chase said. “And I had always thought his stories  were exaggerated!”
WHAT'S NEXT?: Chapter Eight (TBA: To Be Announced)

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