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Writing Contest: Submission Empty Writing Contest: Submission

on Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:16 pm
Post your entry here.
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Writing Contest: Submission Empty Re: Writing Contest: Submission

on Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:20 pm
This is a bit long but here goes!


case begins

was a very quiet night the day that the case of G3-4R and his ghastly
creation. I remember that the night was silent. The rain was silently
pounding on the roof of my study. I remember that I was pondering the
meaning of the strange stain that had appeared in my wall which I
later concluded was a remnant of the large man who came here a few
weeks ago. He never came out. Mostly because I didn't want him to.
That and he was trying to rip my head off. People always seem to
think that robots have no feelings. They always think that we are
just there to do their bidding. Robots will change someday. Humans
will work for us. But that will be some time far off in the future.
While I was in my study a loud knock sounded on the door.

in sir” I said. I knew it was a man because of my scanners which I
had outside the door. The man came in. He appeared to be a policeman.
The only people who ever came to me for help anymore. I remember
people used to come here to talk. Now they are all scared of me. I
never understood why. Humans are so unpredictable.

have another case for you detective Larry”

you didn't have another case then you wouldn't come to me and my
names L4-R1 not Larry!” I said to the fat policeman. I assume he
was out eating doughnuts at a bar again.

thought disk was found in the remains of a truck that was driven by a
man named Luke.”

what do you want me to do about it?” I said.

need you to track down the robot who killed Luke along with a large
group of engineers.”

the disk into the Disk projector”

a brief moment of static the thought disk plugged in to the memories
of the man it had been inside earlier. This is what the thought disk

I was driving towards the military base in the US with the Parts
they would need for their ultimate droid they were creating. Thanks
to scientific studies the US had discovered that emotions improved
fighting skills in droids. They also found out that rage was an
important factor in fighting. They had discovered that rage allowed a
robot to destroy an opponent more easily than with other emotions, so
the US has decided that they would create a droid that had only one
emotion. Rage. The fury of rage can be devastating I only hope that
they can keep this droid's power in check.

went into the docking bay and helped carry the parts into the room.
They scientists let me watch them work. I was lucky and they told me
that they were almost finished. When they were done I saw a large
droid with a white domed head and with one red eye in the center of
it. It had three small legs at the bottom of its body. It also had 8
arms that were retractable. Without the arms the droid was only three
feet tall. But with the arms out it was 8 feet high.

you over there!” One of them said to me.

the switch!”

did so without hesitation. The robots red eye began to glow. The
scientist's cheered. The droid was a success! The droid was very calm
too. Immediately one of the scientists gave it the name G3-4R.

seemed well, but then a small fly flew into the room and landed on
his head. The robot immediately went berserk. He grabbed his plasma
rifle and started shooting with it everywhere. The scientists dove
for cover but not all of them made it. ½ of the scientists were
killed by it. Knowing what was going on I immediately ran to my
electric powered car and tried to drive away. The robot was in a
complete rage now and was shooting anything that moved. The fly that
had caused the entire thing was flying away unharmed, but the droid
saw it and shot it with a plasma *violation of rule*2* melting a hole in the wall while
doing so. I was in my car already and started the motor with the eye
scanner and was already on the road. I checked the back seat camera
just in time to see G3-4R aiming a plasma launcher at me and

fools!” I yelled

did they hope to accomplish from this! This is the most idiotic thing
humans have ever done and they don't even realize it!” I was
screaming at the top of my vocal chip at this point.

so bad about making a robot?” Asked the clueless policeman.

you see? A robot powered by rage is completely unpredictable! Even
more then you humans! Don't you see that this robot could be the next
doomsday! Giving a robot only one emotion completely unbalances
everything! Didn't you see how insane he went because of a single
fly? If you start shooting at him he'll destroy them all in a few
seconds! Of all the *pointless* things humans have done why this! Why
couldn't they just misfire a molecular disintegrator! At the Earth's
core! At least then we'd have a chance to escape!”

am quite certain that I continued yelling for a long time. When I
finally stopped yelling I realized that the policeman had grown bored
and left. He left a few chips on the counter as payment. I sighed and
got to work.
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