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Art & Graphics Contest: Registration Empty Art & Graphics Contest: Registration

on Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:25 pm
Create a piece of art of YOUR OWN invention [ORIGINAL!!!!].
Topic (Choose any): Nature, Space, the Future, MLN-Ligers, Tatoranaki O_o
Any non-rule following entries will be DISQUALIFIED.
You may make either graphics on the computer, or personally drawn artwork. Art must be original, and non-copywrited.

How to join:
-Give your MLN username.
-Befriend MLN user Tatoranaki
-Identify your artwork's topic/genre.


Grand Prize:

Your choice of any* 2 of the below, and given a surprise pack (*while supplies last, some may be unavailable, if so, you'll be notified.):

1: 5 Friendship Bracelets, Totemic Pack (Includes Elements and Totemic Parts)
2: Offensive Pack (Includes units such as Knights, Golems, Pikeman, and Archers. Sometimes a group of one or two, or a mix)
3: 1 Heroic Story, A copy of the Satellite Novel by Fate
A random valuable (Includes CSU's, Glatorian Contracts, and other rare and/or hard-to-get items), and a pack of your choice.
4: Miners' & Aventurers' Gold Pack (Includes an assortment of some, or all, of the following: Nebular Crystals, Rubies, Diamonds, & Sapphires, Thornax, Millstones, Red Pearls, Ancient Scrolls, Phantom Orchids, a T-Square & Nails, Dino Scales, Dino Fangs, Dino Horns, and a Totemic Animal!)
5: Standard Pack (Includes items from ALL or MANY MLN Ranks)
6: Side Quest Pack (Includes various items from sidequests)
7: Click Pack (50+ clicks)

1st Prizes:

Your choice of any* 1 of the packages. (*while supplies last, some may be unavailable, if so, you'll be notified.)

2nd Prize:

Random MLN Items.
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