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To start off, No, my whole name is not John "Maplen", I use that as an alias. Well the Maplen part, but the first name is my real first name. But none the less, John is a common name derived from latin, meaning "Hashem is the Greatest". Of course this was from the Jewish Bible.

Currently, I'm a "High School 2nd year" In the Philippines, learning Algebra II, English II, T.L.E., Computer II, Filipino II, A.P II(Social Studies[Aisa History]), M.A.P.E.H(Music, Art, P.E, Health), and Biology. Of course, in my opinion they are very easy, with no strings attached.

I Have a passion of Science/Technology and I'm hooked upon it, that I go to Google Code, Yahoo developer, MSDN(Microsoft Developer Network), Intel's Developer forums/resources/feeds/news, and google news. And I wish to become a Science/Technology Corospondent for the MLN Liger Society.

I have a gmail account/Yahoo account/Aol account.

I really prefer chatting in other forms of chats EXCEPT the MLN Liger socety's Chatbox because I have a bad relationship with it.

I Live in very far off place, where we call, the "Province", where the only bookstore is miles and KMs away. So before I go Wasting your time, from you researching my IP address, I'm not in Makati City, trust me, someone on MLNO, tried to see where I live through my IP, and only gotten to my ISP's(Internet Service Provider) Address instead >.> Plus I still go to school even though it is Summer Vacation in America/Britain(I don't know Britain's Education system to well)

And That when a typhoon/storm/baguio comes, my house is the few people who go to school with their Street flooded, luckily it doesn't reach my house's door. And that since my "Sondok"(Driver) of his tryicle, Yes a tricycle, is with a motorcylce with a..... Just imagine Indiana Jones, but only for transportation. And that when he doesn't pick me up, I have to walk through the flooded "River" street, which covers my feet.

I'm Currently Living with my retired dad, using his pention for us living in the Philippines, which can FINALLY cope us up with the expenses, a bit. My dad, is the most reliable person into Finance, recalling how much he lived through the years. To put it in perspective, $1 = about PHP50, so we have a maid, driver, two story house, I go to a private school, etc.

Well I think that's all about me, that I can give... BYE BYE FOLKS and see this great quote:

"Today is So Yesterday"
-Intel Corporations

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on Fri Jul 17, 2009 9:25 amSpilo
Woah. That's sounds nice.
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