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Here the rules that apply to the blogs:

1. All forum rules apply, unless I, or another admin, specifically say otherwise.
2. Please keep your blogs safe! In other words, please refrain from putting personal information into your blog.
3. Only one topic/blog is allowed per person!
4. Have fun!
5. (Tat): No advertising in your blog, so don't deliberately post links and say "Go here" or anything along those lines. You may however, mention a forum or site in your blog (Especially no links that are unsuitable for audiences 10 and under). Advertising and discussing are two different things.

Exceptions to rules:

  • Double posting is permitted in some cases in the Blogs forum. A member can double post in his/her own blog, but not in someone else's blog
If you have any questions, please PM me or one of the other admins.
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