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  • 20090913
    TatoranakiComments: 0Views: 300
    As members, unless you are explicitely excluded (banned members), can create a blog!
    Feel free to get one started today!
  • 20090702

    Blog FYI

    designerdude101Comments: 0Views: 407
    Unlike any other forum at LS, the topics/blogs in the Blog forum will read Front-to-back instead of back-to-front. This means that the newest posts in a topic will be at the very front, and the older ones at the very back. The benefit from the use of this system is:

    Convenience. A member can just click on the blog and be taken to the latest post. All of the newest posts in the blogs, whether the blogs are long or short, will be on the first page.
  • 20090702

    Blog Rules!

    designerdude101Comments: 0Views: 253
    Here the rules that apply to the blogs:

    1. All forum rules apply, unless I, or another admin, specifically say otherwise.
    2. Please keep your blogs safe! In other words, please refrain from putting personal information into your blog.
    3. Only one topic/blog is allowed per person!
    4. Have fun!
    5. (Tat): No advertising in your blog, so don't deliberately post links and say "Go here" or anything along those lines. You may however, mention a forum or site in your blog (Especially no links that are unsuitable for audiences 10 and under). Advertising and discussing...
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  • 20090919
    My old blog shall meet the basket today, the General Archive of the forum. So say good-bye to the magnificent red font, and the beautifully displayed underline of all the below blogs as was demonstrated in such an angelic fashion by that of Monsieur Zack's blog. Now we shall meet Adventure Writer, a blog originally on WordPress, that has now found it's way into the Ligers. I welcome you to read on...
  • 20090702
    hotdogsaucerComments: 25Views: 948
    Hi guys! Here's my blog! So, here's what I have to say!

    7-2-09 (July 2, 2009)

    It's cold outside! It was about 65 degrees F. outside. I had to wear a jacket! Sad This summer has been REALLY cold.
  • 20090718

    I, Shadow Raider Vader, Shall be posting here, to what I hope to be daily. Before the blog, I'll try to print a large header summing up the major parts of the artical.

    Before I begin the blogging prosses, A short disclaimer.

    DISCLAIMER: By the reading and/or commenting to this Blog or any of it's contents, you hereby agree that all of it's...
  • 20090919
    TheMan44217Comments: 1Views: 310
    Well this is my blog. I will update you on my life anytime I can once a day.
  • 20090915
    cool661Comments: 0Views: 300
    This is the blog of a Cool person, feel free to enter at your own risk.
  • 20090902
    Okay, so Beth and I wanted to make a movie for quite a while, and "what do you know" (quote from the narrator) we came up with an idea fairly recently. "The Super Mutant Baby foxes were born!" (intro. text)

    Check out this blog for the latest information on the movie, when it's ready, and what it took to make it! Along with all the hardships and grueling pains we had to endure to make this blockbuster film! (xD)
  • 20090818
    Oh hello there...Yes this is Tiger's Blog...

    1.Wait!?! what?!?! you have or is even smart enough to make a blog..? =o

    Yeah...I can't belive it too...

    This blog WILL BE USED...

    No really it will! You watch and see!

    Now...I really don't how to use a blog... =p

    But this will be updated daily. =o

    Feel free to comment and stuff...I guess...
  • 20090726
    TatoranakiComments: 24Views: 830


    Lego Smilie Lego Smilie Lego Smilie
  • 20090809
    newjerseyrocksComments: 2Views: 341
    I have a blog site. There I will post all about what awesome things happen to me. The insane guitarist. Click Here! Very Happy
  • 20090715
    Hi, welcome to my blog. Feel free to read, while I ramble on about different stuff.

    First, I shall ramble on about... eh... maybe later, in a later post.
  • 20090718
    Welcome too the blog of V, in which I, V, will tell about universal domination and such.
    This is also the AWESOME blog.
    I'll try to update this once in a while, but if I do not reply, it is because I am awesome.

  • 20090718
    spacedinodig611Comments: 1Views: 670
    Welcome to SDD's Blog of exciteness and happiness. Make comments to my blog while
    I'm posting on my blog.
  • 20090717
    So I decided to make a blog here.

    I like the band relient K , and I like hymns.
    I play the guitar.

    And lots of fun stuff happens.

    So please comment whenever.

    Spilonic-K. AKA- Spilo, Storm, Spo,
  • 20090717
    To start off, No, my whole name is not John "Maplen", I use that as an alias. Well the Maplen part, but the first name is my real first name. But none the less, John is a common name derived from latin, meaning "Hashem is the Greatest". Of course this was from the Jewish Bible.

    Currently, I'm a "High School 2nd year" In the Philippines, learning Algebra II, English II, T.L.E., Computer II, Filipino II, A.P II(Social Studies[Aisa History]), M.A.P.E.H(Music, Art, P.E, Health), and Biology. Of course, in my opinion they are very easy, with no strings attached....

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